♕a retarded girl with an obsession with jrock, ss501, super junior, shinee, dbsk, jyj, kpop, anime, manga, yunjae, 2min, hanchul, jongkey and yaoi. A pacifist and Muslim.

Don't like it? Go suk oppars dik okey?

Name: Umal |♛
Birthdate: 1.February.1998 |♛
Height: 168cm |♛
Weight: FAT |♛
Blood Type: A |♛

Biases: Ryeowook, GD, Nichkhun, Key, Jungmin, Yoochun, Sungyeol, Seunghyun (FT Island), Kevin, Se7en, Tao, Kris, Kyuhyun, Woohyun

Triple S, , elf, shawol, baby, inspirit, boice, kissme, exotic, v.i.p, blackjack, bana and runway :)

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all i want tbh is the entire takumi kun series redone with all of exo starring as all of the characters

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gosiafashionblog-deactivated201 asked : hi! how are you? :) do you like fashion? maybe don't you mind checking my blog out :) i always follow back :)

deffo following you, your blog is awesome! :D xx

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Rule #1 of Tumblr:
you must reblog our creator whenever he comes up on your dash

david karp looks through the notes of this post, puts all the urls he sees onto the safe list, then deletes the rest of the blogs. reblogging this post is like when the jews put the lamb’s blood on their doorposts so the angel of death wouldn’t kill their firstborns.

Must reblog for that comment

That comment, my God.. 

but i don’t want to be deleted :(
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MSCED : 094 — 電力組曲 C:電化の暮らし/Guernica
Make Something Cool Every Day is a personal, (ideally-) daily design exercise wherein I churn out type-centric black and white drabbles using song titles, the Univers type family (Kozuka Gothic for Japanese type) and some wonderful images from Wikimedia Commons. 
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The world loses its importance when I look at you.
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Ezra Miller as Patrick
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